Meet Hannah

“Hana” has come to be because she was loaded with mouse droppings and the like – progress is slow, but the bus is basically down to the steel. After pressure washing the inside out two times, and vacuuming, re vacuuming, and vacuuming some more, most of the evidence is gone – still, I plant to … [Read more…]

Poppy seed…

Hello, it is late, and I have been thinking of you. Laying here next to your mother, I can hear her breath, and feel the bed move as she snuggles in for a night of slumber. It has not been long since we have learned about you. About 4 days I think – and I … [Read more…]

Unaware of who you are

The very thought of how true this could be is quite unsettling. There are no comparisons that come to mind of such weighty consequence. With anticipation, excitement, and a blissful ignorance; the possibility. ¬†For so long now I have known an existence basically accountable only to myself, shared with a lover, my love, my world. … [Read more…]

Engine out – swapping the goodies…

Moving the required items over to the newer engine

  The engine is out and I’ve begun the process of swapping over the necessary parts. Looks like the oil pan, exhaust manifolds, some mounts, and ground straps are all that will have to be moved. I have already removed the exhaust manifolds from the new engine, but there were some broken studs left in … [Read more…]


I was watching some videos tonight on Lemmy. This man, a legend, an unapologetic broken, disgusting, yet somehow inspirational. I find it intriguing when people are able to live true to themselves, though they appear to be living a life maybe strayed to some, they are not sorry. He lived a life full. He was … [Read more…]



I saw some pictures on the interweb and was inspired, also reading through Greggor’s thread on garage journal I wanted to experiment with building drawers and something a little more refined then my usual. Typically I frame things in and do home renovations, but had no real experience with building something like this before. I … [Read more…]

Pallet Garden Boxes

From this

After completing a long week of school I wanted to take my mind off of things and do something a little different. Christen bought some tomato plants a little while ago and they were needing a more permanent location. We were hoping to build some large raised beds this year, but time was not on … [Read more…]