Poppy seed…

Hello, it is late, and I have been thinking of you. Laying here next to your mother, I can hear her breath, and feel the bed move as she snuggles in for a night of slumber. It has not been long since we have learned about you. About 4 days I think – and I nust say the world already feels different to me. It’s a little larger, a little more dangerous, and a little more frightening. The thought of you brings so many feelings, hopes, dreams, and so much anticipation. I think of your mother a lot, concerned for how she feels, the stress you will bring her body, and I wonder what she is thinking. I imagine you are on her mind a lot as well. Before you come into this world, know that we love you, are thinking about you, praying for you, and are here for you. You are very small right now, but already the construction has begun on so many of your integral parts. Good night sweet poppy seed, I am praying for you and your mother. Grow strong poppy seed, grow, and grow,

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