Engine in, the majority of the parts swapped



After swapping out the parts from the previous engine I was able to install it. It has been sitting in the engine bay of the jeep for about 5 days or so. Today, I finally got the engine mounts installed, the exhaust installed, and quite a few of the sensors, and lines on the bottom side. A couple of notes for a project similar to this in the future.

Check your block heater – I meant to do this, but then forgot to, by the time I remembered the engine was in, and wouldn’t you know it…It is bad.

Check to ensure that your bolt holes are cleaned and chased before having the engine in the engine bay. Also, keep in mind where the old and new mounts are – I had changed the mounts over from the old engine on to the new one, but did not notice that the bolt holes, on the new engine, were very corroded and filled with debris (as they were not used, because the mounts were in a different place). Anyway, got these holes all cleaned and tapped with the engine in the bay, it would’ve been a lot easier while it was on the stand.

For this adventure I had noticed on YouTube a lot of people were removing the exhaust y pipes from the truck. If someone attempts this in the future, this is not necessary. I removed the exhaust hanger mid vehicle, which allowed the exhaust to hang enough that it did not impact the engine install. Before installing the engine as well I removed the flex plate to inspect the rear seal, it was bone dry, also transferred the oil pan over, the pan from the new engine was a different profile.

Another thing to note is the Crank Case ventilation hoses, and the PCV hoses are very delicate and crack easily. These hoses are hard to fine, and are quite expensive here in Canada.


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