I was watching some videos tonight on Lemmy.

This man, a legend, an unapologetic broken, disgusting, yet somehow inspirational. I find it intriguing when people are able to live true to themselves, though they appear to be living a life maybe strayed to some, they are not sorry. He lived a life full. He was not sorry for who he was, how he came across, the views he held, what he believed in, or the way he chose to live. In an interview he admitted that he was not living the life of a rock star for his fans, he was doing it for himself. He calls himself selfish, but what got me, was his acknowledgment of the truth. Many would insist or deny the reality for what it is they are doing, or make it about something deeper – as rough and troubled as he seems, this was refreshing. Sometimes I think I am too compromising, afraid of offending, I internalize my viewpoints, feelings, or truth because maybe I will be offensive to some. I found myself wishing I could be as true to myself as this broken, drugged/drunk rock star-not swayed by the masses. I am not crazy about his music, don’t agree with his beliefs, found him to be offensive in his objectification of women, but am intrigued by his persona. Lemmy, he was going to be Lemmy, with a thousand fans, or one fan. It appeared that way anyway, and I think it would have been interesting to see more of this man, into his thoughts and have an honest conversation with him. I admit, I am writing this in vast ignorance, as I spent about an hour watching a few interviews and a short biography of him on youtube – still, he had something I wish I could possess, or embody. A confidence, a truth, and ability to be who he wanted to be dam the consequences.

The rock world will not be the same without this man – Rock has changed so much since Lemmy started, and it will never be the same.

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