I saw some pictures on the interweb and was inspired, also reading through Greggor’s thread on garage journal I wanted to experiment with building drawers and something a little more refined then my usual. Typically I frame things in and do home renovations, but had no real experience with building something like this before. I cannot believe the attention required to keep things square and true. I have a new found respect for true cabinet makers and real wood craftspeople. I would like to continue developing this skill, and would eventually like to work with rough hewn lumber and meld this together with some welding and home renovation/furniture/display creations – I don’t know what that looks like yet, but time will tell.

The last few pictures show the bench loaded with the tools intended for its use. I have since built some brackets with ready rod, angle iron, and coupling nuts to enable the bench to be levelled in any place. My garage floor is quite out of level and this feature will come in handy. The bench makes it much easier to use the table saw and increases the safety of its operation as well, previously I was working with this on the floor.


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