Pallet Garden Boxes

After completing a long week of school I wanted to take my mind off of things and do something a little different. Christen bought some tomato plants a little while ago and they were needing a more permanent location. We were hoping to build some large raised beds this year, but time was not on our side before school began, also it appears we need to mend our fence first, and long story short, the beds will likely have to wait until next year, or sometime in the late fall.

I had some 1×6’s in the garage and a few pallets that a business in town was wanting rid of. So I was initially thinking of building some temporary raised beds, but this was counter productive, with the dismantling of the pallets and small amount of wood scavenged I quickly realized it would not be the best use for these pallets. Anyway, I thought I could make some smaller boxes that can be moved and will work the tomatoes, so I went to work.

The garage is chaos right now after working in there a little last weekend, and being away all week I have not been able to put things away. The hole thing needs a rework for the storage and benches, I am hoping to get to that after school, but the projects keep adding up and time keeps slipping by, so not sure what will make the priority list before the snow. Anyway, here’s to nice weather, the end of school nearing, and a long beautiful summer, with lots of tomatoes.

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